I have been working with Chris of Christine Design for years on various projects.  Chris is great to work with, collaborative and super tech savvy!  She will always get the job done or to the bottom of a problem.  When anyone asks me if I can recommend a web designer, I don’t hesitate and give them Chris’s information.
 ~Terri Apanasewicz
Celebrity Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur 
I have always found Chris to be an absolute treasure and a profound pleasure to work with, in every possible way!  She’s lightning fast, supremely patient and always kind. She’s a clear, consistent communicator with a solid gold work ethic. I completely lucked out when I was referred to Chris, and I cherish the fact that I can count on her so totally for something so important.  She’s a rare gem, no question about it.
 ~Suzie Plakson
Multimedia Artist
I’ve been working with Chris for over 10 years now, and since day one, she’s been my primary go to for any intricate website projects that require next level design aesthetics and technical capabilities. She has a unique and fantastic skill set and is simply great to work with. I team up with her on all of my web-based projects.
 ~Peter A. Colón
 ABC – Sr Creative Principal
As an entrepreneur I always know that every part of my team has to make sense. To create a solid foundation for any business is working with the best. So for my web design and creative I chose the best with Chris Caracciolo. 
Chris is so talented and knowledgeable and yet she never talks over my head. She walks you through what works the best for your brand. She is always available to get the job done right away. 
I never want to work with anyone else. Take the right avenue to a successful we site and more with Chris. Not to mention it’s important to support women owned businesses. 
Michele Probst
CEO & Founder Worth Beauty Company